same old story


what’s happening in ferguson right now reminds me of gaza, you have an oppressed population(african americans) living under difficult circumstances which is also occupied by a hostile party(a basically all-white police force) that makes conditions on the ground pretty much impossible. everybody that doesn’t have some weird racist axe to grind knows what the problems are: poverty, unemployment, lack of resources, lack of opportunity, neglect, discrimination, and of course police/state violence directed against the people there. the only logical reason that these problems remain unaddressed after all of the oppression and violence and struggle and debate has got to be pervasive systemic racism, i mean i think that in  this case(as in most others) the obvious answer is also the correct one. no wonder the young woman in the above photograph is so frustrated. this shit must get exhausting.

when people in gaza react they call it “terrorism”, when people in ferguson(or L.A., or new orleans, etc) react they call it “looting” or “rioting” or some such shit, the context behind the actions is ignored and the victims are portrayed as the criminals or victimizers. this serves 2 purposes: it transfers blame from the oppressor to the oppressed while allowing the conditions which create the circumstances to be ignored. the focus becomes the rockets coming from gaza and not the brutality of the occupation, becomes some grainy footage of an alleged robbery and not the execution of an unarmed 18 year-old in broad daylight. instead of pursuing the prosecution of the actual criminal we get a military-style assault on the people protesting the crime. it’s predictable and insane and it just seems to go on and on and on. without any resistance the system will continue to do what it does, it will continue to protect and advance the interests of the powerful and it will neglect the needs of the powerless when it can and crush their rebellion when it can’t.

the problem isn’t that the people who hold all the cards aren’t nice enough to the people who don’t. the problem is a system where only some people hold any cards in the 1st place.

anyways both situations are ongoing and i’m having a hard time figuring out what is going to happen. in both cases it seems that the populations involved can no longer live w/things as they are and are willing to endure a lot of pain in order to change the status quo. in my opinion they both deserve our support and hopefully with a little help and a little luck something might change for the better. it does happen from time to time.

wookie’s birthday is on friday and i had a neat idea for a present but this morning i discovered that it’s not going to work. i’m gonna have to come up with something else pretty quick. in the meantime i’m going to eat the ice cream she left here for breakfast. sorry wookie, you know i have a problem!

About Kevin Cascell

portland, OR collage artist has a slight obsession with "out"-music and left-politics, likes cats and ice cream and has no idea what he might write about on any given day (but you usually get a song or a picture at no extra charge). blog co-stars the elusive wookie and a small cast of other characters and may or may not touch on current events.

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  1. The protester has really nice tits.

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